Friday, June 27, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane...aka Research...

While I promised myself that I would cut down on the amount of trips I took in order to be able to make more writing events, I find myself somehow preparing to leave for the lovely island of St. Martin, the Dutch side. However, it is not just coincidence that "Burned by the Sun" the novel I am currently working on takes place on the same island. I had been to St. Martin before and really adore the island. So, its going to work out perfectly. I'm going to carry my laptop with me, finish up the novel which only needs 3 more chapters and do a TON of background the local bars.

Still, one day, I vow to hit a writers conference and while the massive RWA and RT are a bit pricey, con.txt is not really a writing con and I am still wary of Epic...and well in general kinda antisocial, I will make it to something with workshops on the use of commas, on the construction of believeable conflict in plots and how to plan a trilogy!!

I am sincerely thinking that maybe I should stick to something small though, like maybe my local chapter of RWA at least for 2009. I mean, taking a trip for research purposes for a novel has the same weight as social networking at a convention right?, really, I am going to try my damndest to make Balticon, it has a ton of writers activities.

And maybe next year for every two pleasure (writing and researching) trip I take, I'll take one convention trip (socializing, learning craft and maybe writing). Maybe...

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