Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grinding and grinding...

I just got back from the post office, having mailed out all of the prizes from my recent 'Runaway' contest and am looking at several hours tonight spent on editing "A Guardian's Desire," which is slated for a July release...I have a self imposed completion date for "Burned By the Sun" of July 30, with a planned submission/fishing date in August. "Bulletproof," a gargoyle tale will be next on my list and then "The Petite Master" and then well...I'm grinding. I wish I could type a 100wpm, but I barely type 50 so I have to spend a lot of time in front of a keyboard, grinding. I suppose at some point I may need a newsletter and group, I may need to go to a conference or two and keep on expanding the back catalogue.
My point is that I don't know why other authors grind (churn out books at a fast pace) but my personal reasoning is this. At some point, I hereby vow that I will break into print, that I will get my name out into the public, that I will go to someone's pitching session and get an advance, that I will be able to comfortably put out one book instead of 3+ a year and will be able to quit my job and sell some movie rights.... [Ok, insert hysterical laughter here].
So, the odds are way stacked against me. While I may eventually have a back catalouge of over 20 pieces that doesn't necessarily mean I'll be writing for Kensington or Avon any day...but, one has to have goals doesn't one?


Tami P said...


Someone once said to me, and it has become my mantra: You have to love the process.

Someday we may become bestselling make your books into movies authors, but even then, we will still have to do the work. With all the hours and heartache, and gut-wrenching work is involved, if you don't just love it, it will kill ya. LOL

Mya said...

Love and obsess...and learn and grind...I keep telling myself that I need to slow down and study the craft more thoroughly, chill out on all the excitment of new releases, but heh it is nothing short of awesome every release date!

Must have more of the precciiiooouus! Too lazy...Need series...trilogy...Need to edit...Need to sleep and need to learn how to use punctuation correctly...Student conflict in prose more... Sleep when dead...yeah! Thud.

Tami P said...

LOL I heard the crash.