Monday, June 16, 2008

The Incredible Hulk is fodder for...

Fanfic. It is. Unlike Iron Man, the new Hulk film is sexier than it should be. Either that or I really need to reconsider my current celibacy and get out and date... Ok, so I just got back from seeing the film and yes, Iron Man is the better film, but as sexy as Tony Stark is, the Hulk is sexier. I think what I liked most about Iron Man, was the growth of Tony Stark from an asshole to a hero. I also liked the comedy as well as the mayhem and machinery involved in Iron Man. The Hulk is a story of a man on the run. Bruce is a good guy from the start and to the end. The fight scenes are better in the Hulk, but I kept wanting more...ok, I'm a greedy action-whore. I felt like I was watching the Bourne Supremacy that just happened to have super-human characters in it. Even when Bruce (pretty hot Edward Norton) changed into the Omega hot Hulk, he still had that gorgeous brute that just wants to be left alone with Betty feeling. The scene where Betty is sitting with the Hulk and caressing his back, put bad ideas in my head...stretch pants and all...Anyway, if Iron Man is a B+, then the Hulk is definately a B. It was good. I enjoyed it, just not so much as an action movie.
BTW...if anyone knows of some Betty/Hulk fanfic, please drop me a line. I will not write...I swear.

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