Saturday, June 21, 2008

Like To Read? Love to Read.

A friend of mine at work told me about this online swapping community for books, called PaperBack Swap, where in for only the cost of postage, I could get rid of my books and get new ones for free. While the idea intrigued me for a while, it never dawned on me to try it out until last thursday night. So online I went with a box of unwanted Japanese Manga at my feet. It was insanely easy to populate my bookshelf (i.e. the books I'm offering to give). Using just the ISBN numbers, I had 23 books up for eager readers in less than a half an hour. NOTE: Only post as many books as you are willing to mail. You can buy postage online and they even give you the mailing wrappers for each book and recepient. Anyway, not soon after I finished posting did requests come in for 8 of my books. Pankicing because I didn't know the process would start so fast, I printed out labels and postage for all. (total=$25). The good thing however, is that soon books will be coming to me. (Richard Preston's 'Hot Zone'). I have started to request books, some that I actually want on my shelves and some that I just want to check out. If you are an avid reader or even collector, you definitely should check them out. It's cheaper than buying fresh paperbacks, and they also have a CD Swap and and DVD Swap :D

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