Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heat...and not the sexy kind...

I don't like heat, not too particular about it at all... I become sluggish, moody, weak and can barely concentrate, more less write. Since the DMV area has reached the 90s, I have been miserable and my poor little AC is getting put to the test and is failing...

Having been to the islands several times on vacation, it seems that I enjoy the heat there, but then the AC inside the vacation rentals or there are tradewinds that ease the pressure of the heat.

In order to cope, I have decided to vampire it up. I woke up around 11pm and while it's not 60 degrees (my fav), I have been able to move around without wanting to faint, I have been able to sit at the computer even. Still feel sticky and damp though...Still something needs to be done.

We're in a recession, I know, but I choose AC over gasoline. I may need to invest in new AC. So if that means that I have to sacrifice road trips, I may have to...cause I hate heat. You can always put on more than you can take off. There are lots of drinks that can make you feel hot, but few that can really cool you off, not from the bones outward. Well, I just have to go on the hunt for a a system or make it to October, right?

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