Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thoughts on Contests

A friend asked me why I sponsored my own contests and why I did them at all. 'Shouldn't your publishing house do them,' she asked. My first thought was that a lot of writers do them as if there was some sort of invisible template which writers have to follow. Do I think they gain more readers? No. I have participated in reader contests where I've won prizes but never read or ever remembered the author's works. Do I think I will sell more books? Nope. Even gaining more exposure is not something that I anticipate gaining. So why do I really do it?
I do it, honestly, because its fun! I get a kick out of preparing gift baskets, and theme gift packs. I try to incorporate gifts that revolve around whatever book I am preparing at the time. If its a book about werewolves, then ^ plushie. I have a book about a vampire so I have Bat beanie babies! My next book is about a werewolf debutante ball of sorts...so Jewelry prizes will be given out and I will have so much fun making those gift packs. I know it! Ok, ok...so its a bizarre and maybe lame motivation, but its the truth. I hold contests because I'm a crafter and I like to go to the craft store and make goodie packs. I like to give them out too, but its the compiling that floats my boat :D

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