Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Divine Inspiration of the Breed

I can honestly say that I had a pretty good notion that Clive Barker (Hellraiser) was gay way before he came out of the closet officially and while his book "The Imajica" only cemented that notion, I'll start off with how erotic I think that the scene between Boone and Peloquin is. Now that he IS out of the closet though, I wish he would would write some gay paranormal. Snippets and hints don't do much for me.

Anyway there may be those who have not seen the one movie that has inspired me SO MUCH it's not funny so I suppose I should dish about it some. Nightbreed is a movie about a guy named Boone, who dreams of the home where the monsters live. He thinks he is/maybe a monster (serial killer) and his psychiatrist believes that he is as well. Even his girlfriend starts to wonder. Well he believes that rather than rot in jail, or continue to be a danger to himself and others, that he will go to Median, i.e. home and sanctuary of monsters (awesome creature designs...aaaawwweeesome). He encounters Peloquin who tells him that not only is he no monster but that he is innocent meat. "Meat for the motherfuckin' beast!" ok, he didn't say it like that. Anyway, Peloquin turns Boone into Nightbreed and the ride just gets hotter and faster from there.

In this movie the real monsters are humans, and the freaks and the nightbreed are sympatetic and wondrous, but dangerous still...and the Berserkers...OMG they rocked! Later for Let loose the Kraken, Let loose the Berserkers!

Why it is that movies like "Don't Mess with Zohan" can be greenlighted but a remake and sequals of Nightbreed can't, is beyond me. Maybe there just aren't too many monster lovers out there(Cloverfield was not a monster movie) ... but the ending of Nightbreed screams loud and clear for a damn sequal! Boone's destiny has to be fufilled. Baphomet needs to be food, a new Median needs to be created....GRRRRRRRRR...Damn you FOX! I just hope its done in my lifetime. Clive isn't getting any younger for crying out loud...ok, I'll calm down and rent "Lord of Illusions" another of my favorite Clive Barker films.

Lastly, I have to give credit where it's due. The care and interest that Clive showed for paranormal creatures in "Nightbreed" is something I strive to show in my paranormals. I'll admitt that in my current catalogue, the breeds are pretty tame in comparison, but the one I intend to write about my werecroc is still coming....and you can thank Mr. Barker for that, muhuhahaha.

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