Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Giving Back, Research, Helping Out...Or Yum...

I don't know what to call it, when an author buys another author's work. Maybe it might depend on the motive. I know that before I was published, I bought a lot more books than I do now. I purchased a lot of books from publishers I hoped to court and submit to, if only to develop a sense of their style. Lately, I spend so much time writing, that I rarely get the opportunity to read and I must admit that when it comes to ebooks, I can not sit and read a book on a computer because the compulsion and feeling of guilt will not let me get through it.
I'll be honest, I ordered Jet Mykles two Dark Elves novels for one specific place. The Bathroom. I read on the train, in the car (if not driving), while walking and definitely when flying, but it is in the bathroom where I trully love to read. In the shower or on the throne, I love the peace and quiet I get in that room. Crass, I know, but true.
While I haven't been reading much erotica lately (as represented by my book reviews), I am so stoked to have picked up this series. Why? Because it is a smutty, easy-reading, gem of fantasy and because I am a notorious fan of the Drow, which may or may not have been an inspiration for the species of dark elves in this book. An ole' AD&D player, I could not resist the idea of hot dark elf sex...(ref. to post about Prince Nuada/Drizzt) . It's no secret, I love monsters and hot fantasy sex, hell I my favorite fanfic pairing is Legolas and Gimli, so this book definitely caught my attention.
I have read the first book (Part 1 & Part 2) already. Yup. It took all of 5 days of bathroom time and it was a saucy, sexy delight. Het/ MM...Menage... tis my kind of read and while I won't go in depth with a Review until I have completed the entire series (I hear tell of a 5th book) I am definatley a fan of the series...it's so wickedly, naughtay :D

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