Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Available from Amazon in Print Today!!

A Guardian's Desire, is officially my first print book release and it is available today from Amazon. It even has a blurb!! Oh yeah, I'm stoked and not just because I spent a hell of a time working on it but because I am a glossy, print book whore.
I will admitt that when I initially started work on this book, I did not think or imagine that it would be taken to print, and when I found out, I just kept staring at the email like, is it real? I made my first book in elementary school with board, contact paper, glue, needle and thread and paper. I illustrated it and everything. It was then that I knew what I wanted to do, make books, and today even more so, this book raises the bar.
Hopefully, I will continue to release ebooks and while another print book is not always promised, for now and for today, I have one and it is a very good one, full of adventure and erotic goodness.
Available today from Loose-Id and Amazon, I present "A Guardian's Desire."


Sage Whistler said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Hip, Hip...urm...Hooray! :0)

Mya said...

Awww, Thanks :D

Jana Armstrong said...

Yay! Yay!!!!!