Monday, September 22, 2008

Scarecrow b. Matthew Reilly

Am I a fangirl? Yes I am. On my fourth Matt Reilly book already and yes, whatever this man writes, I will read. I've come to the realization that the absurd, over the top action and nick of time salvations that occur a LOT in his text as well as the superhuman abilities of one Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield attract me in the same way that James Bond does, times ten. It is fiction and adrenaline fiction at that, which he writes and no matter how absurd the near death situation is, it gets my pulse going and does not let up.
In "Scarecrow," our hero is on a list of 15 international targets who are slated for elimination by some of the most elite badass, merc squads on EARTH! Each of the 15 have million dollar bounties on their heads and yup, Shane is one of them.
Along with his regular squad of friends: Book II, Gant, Fairfax and the Queen B herself, Mother, Schofield is joined by a new allie, someone who is just as tough, resiliant and superhuman as Scarecrow is. It's like when Superman meets Batman and they agree to work as a team...Yup, it is that awesome.
Literature it ain't, but ass-kicking fiction, it definitely is and while I doubt there will ever be a movie based on any of Reilly's books (the special effects would be waaay too costly), I for one am definitely looking forward to checking out more of his works.


Anne D said...

I've been a Reilly fan for a while now - started before I came to the States. I'm not sure how when he became known in the States, but he has quite an interesting route to publishing story.

If I remember rightly no one was willing to offer a contract on his first book so he published it himself... and look where he is now!

Mya said...

OMG, another Reilly fan!! He is so over the top and wicked with his military research and adventure! I was so surprised to find out that he was Australian, especially with his heros being American.

I think that he should write an Australian action hero sometime soon or at least do a book about the Black Knight :)

My next Reilly book will be the Temple and yes his journey to publication was wicked.