Saturday, September 6, 2008

World Building...Or Plain Gluttony

First off, The Sorcery of Shadows submission package was sent off this morning. While I am wishing it luck, I know that backer or no, it will have a sequel.
Second, I also got to work on The Heart of Bast, my ode to Zoe's favorite brand of cuisine; The Fancy Feast/ Elegant Medleys selections. She actually prefers the Shredded Fare over the Florentines and Souffles, but anyhoo, I'm looking forward to weaving in many different, delectable entrees for the werecats in my story. Ah, yeah, a werecat would like sushi as well! Hot damn, I get to write about delicate plates of beautiful, ornaments of seafood and seaweed.
There are a lot of books and writers who have opinions on world building and the importance of it, and I for one stress the importance of knowing your paranormal breed and how you want to breath life into them. My werecats are far bigger than their natural counterparts, the change is physical, there are many types, some that like civilization and some that don't. As a reader, I know that I always want details, small and big. It can even be fun.
I'm making a few flounder filets tonight for me and Zoe (and heh, it's baked so it shouldn't be too fattening for her) and plan on getting back to work :D

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