Thursday, September 25, 2008

G-Strain b. Sage Whistler

I love sci-fi, especially when it involves hulking, tall, warrior-like aliens. "G-Strain" by Sage Whistler is such a gem and I do not say that because I know her. I say that because I stayed up all night, neglecting my work and my gaming addiction to read this wonderful novella. Why is it wonderful though? Her talent at not only world creation but at setting a fast pace from Earth to a desolate planet and on to a vibrant, wonderful new world.
The story follows the abduction of two human males, specifically. Others are abducted, but this story focuses on two, Kenano and Jared. They are abducted by handsome, blue-skinned warriors called Lykurgans, due to a genetic trait that makes the two species compatible.
Kenano specificaly gets bonded to a warrior named Nurak, who has to protect his frightened yet couragous human from alien attack by a rival alien faction and a harsh, violent planet.
Sage knows her sci fi, I will give her that and her various alien species have wicked technology and even more wicked biology. I was totally immersed in the action and deeply craving the hookup between Kenano and Nurak.
If anything, my only gripe was that the novella needed to be a plus sized NOVEL. Still, this ebook was a delight to read!


Amanda Young said...

This is so on my list of books to buy. I need to find some extra hours in the day to read.

Mya said...

Oh yeah, ditto.