Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Ruins b. Scott Smith

There is a movie based upon this book. It was not very popular, but it was good... and it was far creepier than one might have imagined. A backstory addict, I will admit that the reason I just had to read the book had to do with me wanting to know more about the villian. Well...the book isn't concerned with the whys and the whyfores either. What the book is concerned with is terror and is far more intense, tragic and gory than the movie.
Outside of 'The Cobra Event,' I can't imagine a more terrifying way to die than any one of the ways in this book. Luckily, the majority of the book, probably 75% is dedicated to buiding up to the ominous end. It's light and jovial at times, following two couples and their friends on vacation, but when they take a trip to find a friends brother on a remote archealogical dig-- Well you can see the dark clouds just looming.
The evil in this book is plant-like in nature and pretty damn scary me. So is the thought of being held prisoner on a hill with little food or water in an extrememly hostile environment. It was good book, slow at times but really scary in the way that worms are icky...(Thanks Wal Whitman btw.) I enjoyed it but it needs to go back on my Paperback Swap Bookshelf, some books are just too creepy to leave around the house.

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