Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News Report 001

Good News! To my surprise and delight it is looking like "A Guardian's Desire" will be my first print book. Am I psyched? Yeah...and slightly nervous, you see at first I was thinking 'real book signings,' 'real book release party,' and 'print up adverts to leave in Borders,' but alas...sometimes I worry that I have the social skills of bear (in hibernation or out of). I am nervous. How so? I dropped out of EPIC because I was flamed (I sent a promo that I wasn't supposed to and they let me know that it was not appreciated). I stopped doing a lot of promo email, because I can't keep track of which list or group I need to submit stuff to and basically, I put the (her) in hermit.
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of author promotions: glamor shots, adverts, signings and appearances, one writer is doing do much, I had to wonder when she ever found time to write. I polan on working on the social skills some, but if anyone has tips for being better at promotions, I'd sure welcome them...otherwise, I'm having the release party at a pub--the favorite den of moody writers anyway? A book and a tumbler of scotch, anyone?


Amanda Young said...

That is fabulous! Major congrats!

Mya said...

Thanks Amanda :)