Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Finished Line!!...Ok...The Final Countdown

"The Sorcery of Secrets" was finished last night around 10pm, while I watching disc 4 of 'Starship Troopers Roughneck Chronicles.' At 86,179K, I'm not going to say that its the longest thing I ever wrote, but it was the hardest by far. I have 2 Beta readers, gracious enough to take a look at it, but it narrowly fits into the romance genre...ok, very narrowly. I don't have a clue whether anyone will want to pick this up, but more than Guardian, this piece is slightly on the complex side and moreso than any other piece I wrote, this one screams sequel to me. But I am not going to think about it. Today is celebration day! Whoo Hoo.
Going to work on the dreaded 3-5 Synopsis and give myself sort of a mini-break. In preparation for work on my werecat story, I'm going to read the 30 or so pages I already wrote towards that project and kinda chill....if I can...

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