Thursday, August 14, 2008

Checklists, Outlines and Synopsis...Fun?

I find that during those few days of the self-imposed break, that I give myself between projects that scary things seem to happen, like...I get bored. After you've spent months of coming home to work on building a word count the lull of finishing a project is near painful. The real work soon comes into play, namely preparing the query letter and the synopsis (if you weren't prepared enough to have wrote the synopsis prior to the novel). This lull in creativity and excersize in business is ussually filled with questions such as: what promo am I going to do next, what project will I soon start, what updates need to be made to the website and where did my social life disappear off to?
In deciding to take a rest from my completed manuscript, I have a checklist that I have been working on. Although I am anxious to start the Hard Edit on "The Sorcery of Shadows" and even more anxious to start working on the numerous spicy sex scenes in "The Heart of Bast" I am forcing myself not to. One has to have time for the formal, business-type things, right? Like websites, polls, contests and *gasp* the actual submission process... and while I am getting things done (around the house too even), I am counting the days until I am able to edit...Sunday, August when...oh when can I start writing hot werecat sex...Monday...maybe split my time between edit and free writing....I give up. I just need to get through my own self-imposed detox.

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