Monday, August 4, 2008

Earth, Wind and Fire...Um...and Water!

This weekend rocked in so many ways, the most important being that my muse sobered the hell up and really got busy. Not only did she give me the insight I needed to wrap up my current, monstrous novel, but she also gave me a more suitable title. Hawt Damn! Ok, so the novel formerly known as "Burned by the Sun" will hence forth be called "The Sorcery of Secrets." 3 cheers for the sibilant hiss. The muse seemed to think that the title should be a bit on the broad metaphor and metaphysical aspect, rather than focusing on just the heat aspect. In short, I wanted something that would focus on the many revelations that come to the main character rather than one specific point. I outlined (yeah, occasionaly I try) the last 3 chapters and lord willin' this puppy will be ready for launch.

At the moment the muse hasn't said anything about a sequel but then it is a part of a large universe and part of the story is untold deliberately. At nearly 300 pages, I didn't want to push the tale any broader than it already is. As it stands, I focus on only two types of sorcerers, fire and wind (In my sorcerer universe each has a specific element which they deal with). I can sorta see a sequel, focusing on different types, maybe a water sorcerer-- but I'm really not ready to put the cart before the horse.

Believe it or not, I actually have a set list and order of upcoming projects, now if I could just learn how to plot out a story, I might be able to produce things a bit faster and have to rely upon muse sobriety less.

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