Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sign of the Times...

I don't want to be paranoid or anything, but seriously with gas hitting $4.12 a gallon, I know that something is seriously wrong with the economy...I know that, but it's the other aspects of life which are starting to be effected, like food, which is really starting to bother me.
<---Ramen, not only one of the staples of college kids, poor folk, lazy cooks and japanophiles everywhere, but a popular item in general, used to be 8 for $1.00. Today, horror of horrors, I went into the store to buy some groceries and discovered that the price was 4 for $1.00!!
Now I won't say which category of Ramen lovers I belong in, but I buy and eat a lot of Ramen. If I had known that things were going to get this bad, I would have stocked up. I'm already cutting back and budgeting but if things get any worse, I'm really worried about what low cost foods I can purchase to feed myself and my charges...Beans? Rice? Cabbage and Potatos....Please, please let Ramen prices's my stock market and its so cheap and easy to prepare!

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