Sunday, May 18, 2008

Contest b. Matthew Reilly

A co-worker loaned me this book because he knew I was jonesing for some Science-Fiction. I had never heard of this author before, but after reading the back cover I was intrigued. How was a doctor going to get out of what is basically an intergalactic death match inside of the electrically secured New York Public Library?
"Contest" by Matthew Reilly is an interesting book that reminds me of "Dr.Who," "Aliens," and "The Relic." I feel a bit like a putz saying that some extremely unbelievable events occur in this book, considering it is Sci-Fi, but well... there are some unbelievable saves and narrow escapes in this book. I liked the various alien contestants, but was greedy for more info on the two prolific shape changers. Reese however is the shiz-nez and not just because she's a girl.
Lastly for a book that includes a child in a closed in death match, this book has some grizzly, no holds barred death scenes.
It was a good read, not the best but definately entertaining and worth it!

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