Monday, May 19, 2008

Antisocial for a Reason...

I remember when I believed that I could tell people that I was published, and tell them what it was that I wrote. I believed that I could show a bit of pride and maybe even tell a person or two about my books...well, that may be a bad idea in some cases.
A few weeks ago, I started corresponding with a person who wanted advice on writing and publishing. We seemed to have a fairly good exchange going, until...I showed her my website. Now perhaps I need to make the gallery a little less fan-ficy. Maybe I need to tone down all the homoerotic images, maybe it's the over-abundance of MM works. I don't know. Either way, I have not heard from her since. I mean complete e-mail blackout. Oh well...I'm pretty much anti-social and figure that what shall be, shall be, but I tell you it doesn't bode well for me being so 'sharing' in the future.
I know that I have an audience and I love what I write. Even if I had no one to share it with, I would still spin my stories as I see fit, so with that off of my chest, I'll stop the whinning before it gets warmed up...It's not like I'm all that social anyway.


Eden Rivers said...

Hmmm, been there! Writing erotic stories which include m/f/m menages, including explicit m/m scenes, I've gotten the cold shoulder more than a few times. But ya know, not everyone's going to like every kind of writing, so I say let 'em stew in their holier than thou snits :-) I've also got a lot of support where it counts, and that makes a world of difference. And fans, oh yeah, the fans are great!


Mya said...

It's good to hear the support Eden. It's not that I think I am the only one, but writing can be a lonely passion. I'm running over to check out your site, now :D