Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Should Be Writing...Right?

I both hate and love my cat. I love her because she's cute, I hate her because, well...she's always chilling. I have things that need to be done (cleaning) and places to go (full-time job) but she is always relaxing...or begging for more food or more Pounce treats. Now as you can see, she does not miss meals.

I'm curious, are some cats just greedy? Needy? Doesn't she know that I have paperwork to do and chapters to finish? Does she care? Probably not.

I have a tentative release month for "A Guardian's Desire" in July and edits will be soon coming. While I should work faster so that I can get my "Burned by the Sun" novel finished, I am wiped out and thinking that tonight I may have to take a note from Zoe...climb in bed and purr, loudly.

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