Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jack of all trades...Master of None!!

Occasionaly, I like to imagine that I can do my own comics. The panels above illustrate an attempt made a long time ago. The story was about a working werewolf and a randy vampire (not the one from Unnatural) trying to share an apartment. Now with some coloring it might have been cool, but my name is not P.L. Nunn and I know it! She puts me to shame when it comes to work ethic. I got lazy and barely got five pages of the comic done. It was fun, but as I past the 200 page mark in my current project, I know where the drive is...


Eden Rivers said...

Color? Who needs color! I'm just impressed that you can draw so well, as well as write, lol. I love the edgy vamps :-)

Eden (a fellow Loose Id author)

Mya said...

Vamps to me are always friskay...but then so are the wolves!! I love your cover...Its soo hot.