Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How DO you spell depression...C.R.A.S.H.

Suffice it to say that this has been a truly bad week for me. My beloved Dell PC of 4 years crashed on monday, after several frightening days of disappearing files and no internet connectivity. On Saturday, the edits I had completed for H.O.B. (70pages worth) just vanished, then the entire folder holding all of my 'Heart of Bast' files disappeared. I was seriously in shock but due to some serious dilligence and searching through temp. /hidden files I managed to retrieve my information but the ominous feeling was still running rampant. I knew that something was wrong. I couldn't get on the net and the system was running slow as hell.
So after a call to Dell Tech on Monday, I was told to do a system restore, after backing up all my data to my External HD. I was able to do the system restore but as my partitions were so corrupted it did nothing but leave me with a black screen. Because Dell didn't ship the O/S boot disks, I have to wait until I recieve them to get a good look at what I managed to salvage...and to get back to work....
Which brings me to my dilemma, without my computer I am going stir crazy and am literally reluctant to go home. It is my connection to the outside world, my passion and obsession and even more it is my drug. Instead of going home to work on my stories, I go home and crochet...even go to be early.
I am due to get the disks between thursday and saturday, but honestly the day can't come soon enough. Apparently, a downloaded spyware program was responsible for my computer 'Godzilla's' lapse into coma-land and I was warned by Dell to stick to my disk installed Norton. I was also commended for having a very large external hard drive, which I will either be crying about or singing praises to very soon... Ahh...just a few more days....can't take much more of this...

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Judy said...

Oh Gosh, I know how you feel!! I lost my hard drive because of one of the storms we had here in Louisiana. I did not have as much important stuff on mine, like I am sure you, a writer, would have, but I love my computer and it was painful not having it:)

Good luck with it!!