Monday, February 16, 2009

Hamster on a Wheel...

Okay, so I don't have any news about upcoming releases or anything, but I have been working away...wildly I might say. I don't know about other authors but I have been enjoying the writing/story telling process waaaay too much and need to discover where I left my inner editor. Short stories? I have forgotten what those are and things that should be 100 pages jump to nigh three hundred. To say that I get carried away sometimes is putting it mildly.

I will admit that I am no great wordsmith but I do love telling tales. Still I like being a published author too and by all means that entails creating a viable, edited, cohesive tale to readers. So...I have to slow down on starting new projects, which I would say that if I could edit and complete all the projects whose first draft, I have completed I might be able to get out 4 novels this year, but already the itch to move on to other projects is there, burning selfishly bright. There is some hot gargoyle loving, I'm feeling the itch for...waterwhip anyone? Okay...stopping the muse, right now!

Anyway, back to edit 4 of "Embraced by the Sun" and edit 2 of "Heart of Bast," and as for "Forever Guardian" the sequel to "A Guardian's Desire," I am already compiling the outline and notes for other new project.

Ok...backing away from the wheel...

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