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Aliens: Criminal Minds b. S.D. Perry

Aliens: Criminal Enterprise Aliens: Criminal Enterprise by S.D. Perry

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This was a seedy read, filled with all sorts of criminal decadence, drugs, murder, prostitution-- all painted with the background of a hostile planet filled with aliens. I really enjoyed Perry's dive into the psyches of criminals, psychopaths and wounded people driven by lust, greed, revenge and hope, dark hopes though. Off all the Aliens books that I have read, this one comes closest in my bid to see one made into a film. It would certainly have the action!

The book follows two brothers, shanghaied into working for a drugrunner for of course a dealer who keeps his product and labs on an alien infested planet. One innocent and law-abiding and the other hopeless enamored of the fast lane. It also follows the motivations of a lieutenant drug lord and his doped out cherry of a girlfriend who run the facility.

Two forces, one that wants to steal the shipment and the other who wishes to bring all the criminals to justice invade the facility on the same day and saying that all hell breaks loose would be putting it mildly.

Again, this is perhaps the best of the Aliens books that I have read, however, there was something about the ending that I simply could not stand and which nearly ruined my enjoyment of the book. I won't give details other than of all the survivors in the end, one just made me want to hurl.

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