Friday, February 6, 2009

"Live Girls" b. Ray Garton

Live Girls Live Girls by Ray Garton

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What I learned from this book is that garlic is my best bet when encountering vampires, not crosses or bibles or holy water or even stakes. Garlic should do the trick! But seriously, this is my second book by Ray Garton and I enjoyed it so much that I finished it fairly quickly. What I really enjoyed about "Live Girls" is something that I'm hoping appears in all his work, which is the dark, truly horrifying portrayal of any monster that he deals with. This book is about vampires that are beasts, disgusting and seductive and horrifying.

The story is based around a peep-show/club called Live Girls. It is one of two havens for vampires in the book. During the narrative, several people fall victim to its allure and its danger. I found myself breezing through the pages, curious and shocked by every event. One thing I will say about Garton is that I definitely could not guess the ending.

Like "Ravenous" his werewolf novel, I was still left with questions... all involving backstory and details. Don't get me wrong, Garton fleshes his monsters out and gives you exactly what you need to turn the page...but damn...there seemed to be at least 3 types of vampires in the book and I wanted more DETAILS...yeah, I'm greedy.

Great horror read though, definitely!

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