Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aliens Book 2: Nightmare Asylum b. Steve Perry

Nightmare Asylum: Aliens Book 2 (Aliens, Book 2) Nightmare Asylum: Aliens Book 2 by Steve Perry

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book was a fantastic read...in that a lot of fantastic things occur in it. Sure the heroes, Billie and Wilkes are back from book 1 in the series, are larger than life and luckier than a bum hitting the jackpot but outside of that is the Aliens themselves. The buggers never cease to amaze me in what they can do and how much they can learn. What I enjoyed most, outside of the frequent throwbacks to the movie series, is that nothing ever works out the way the heroes want it to. Sure they manage to get out of some narrow fixes but not they way they plan to. Why? Because the villain in this book is a smart and tricky fiend. General Spears is an insane man and not a person that I would ever want to meet. His idea of a great army is a bit frightening as well...stupid but frightening. Now, I'm anxious to get to the third book in this really good Aliens trilogy (the other one sucks).

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