Friday, January 30, 2009

Aliens, Book 1: Earth Hive b. Steve Perry

Aliens, Book 1: Earth Hive Aliens, Book 1: Earth Hive by Steve Perry

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What I learned from this book would be: that if I wanted to possibly study an advanced, killer, alien-species be it for military value, biological value or any value and said species could replicate faster than cockroaches...I wouldn't do it on my HOME PLANET.

Not related to the book 'Aliens: Cauldron,' which I just finished up, this is the first book in a different, more hardcore series if I must say so. With a grizzled, war-veteran hero, a traumatized young girl turned ass-kicker, Earth Hive is exactly what I was looking for when I picked up an Aliens novel. It has the violence, the machismo, the intensity of swarming aliens and the humility of arrogant humans abounds!

With this book, I finally got to see not only deeper into the Aliens background with a visit to their supposed homeworld, but Perry also introduced several other alien life forms-- just as deadly as the Aliens themselves perhaps. I sooo wanted to see a Predator but...well there are other hunters, I suppose.

No this book is not literature, but it's yummy, delicious, sweet pulp and if you like a swift read with a lot of action and horror and sci-fi artillary you'll like this one! It would make a damn good film...Aliens 5...I can almost see it, except the happy ending thing might be a problem...

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