Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ravenous b. Ray Garton

Ravenous (Leisure Fiction) Ravenous by Ray Garton

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
Well about half way through this truly terrifying and brutal portrayal of werewolves, I realized that while I discovered a writer who isn't afraid of gore and horror, my dreams of a fulfilling novel were not going to be realized. I give it kudos though for not romanticizing werewolves in the least and for making them into beings that would scary any vampire shitless. The sex in the book (the way that the lycanthropy virus is transmitted) was not meant for arousal and is far away from paranormal erotica as Winnie the Pooh is from Hellraiser...I even liked the almost mandatory, lone hunter in the book...what I didn't like though was the stupidity. I'm talking, straight from 'Friday the 13th' don't make out in the woods kinda stupidity-- Did I mention that I don't want to hang out with anyone that can't identify on sight a zombie, werewolf, vampire, Cthullu etc!

Now I'm not faulting the book on a whole or the writer, I'm just a greedy reader and a backstory whore. The book has a label on it about how most of the legends about werewolves were wrong...and without giving anything away, such is the case even to werewolf hunter!

Alas this was a good, gripping read and I blew right through it. Perhaps in hindsight the true horror is that after finishing the novel, I was sure that if such an outbreak of werewolves ever occurred then the human race would be extinct in less than a month.

If I'm lucky, Garton will write another book giving some origin info and some hard core solutions for dealing with growing packs.

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RayGarton said...

Hi, Mya. I'm glad you enjoyed RAVENOUS! The sequel, BESTIAL, finds a couple of private investigators being hired to investigate the possibility of werewolves in Big Rock. The investigators -- Karen Moffett and Gavin Keoph -- first appeared in my novel NIGHT LIFE, which was a sequel to my novel LIVE GIRLS (both vampire tales). BESTIAL will be in stores in April from Leisure Books.

Mya said...

Okay, I thought my greedy whine would produce some results, but I love it when authors reply:D I'm curious now and have to add 'Bestial' to my to read list. There are so many questions I have, like who made who, what about the elders and their powers, who exactly can stop such a thing...will the government get involved and I wonder about the lab and the cure.

I will also have to run out and get the two vampire can never have too many pieces in a puzzle or hints to what is to come!