Friday, January 16, 2009

If Paranormal Were A Spice, It Would Be Sugar

After many years of assuming that I was not born in the correct age, I realize that now is indeed the best time for me. The amount of paranormal-tinted materials, I can put my fingers upon these days is amazing. I can get my paranormal erotica, of course, filled with weres, vamps, ghosts, and demons with little effort. There is even a decent amount of paranormal in the young adult realms, such as the book I just finished "The Hunger Games," and the whole "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" series. The horror genre can almost always be counted on to provide paranormal thrills (see my review on "Ravenous") and I also like the trend of mixing them up with sci fi. A novel by Jordan Summers called "Red," is firmly on my 'To Read' list.

Sure contemporary literature, be it drama, horror, comedy, romance, etc can be pleasing, but its that extra dash of paranormal elements that make it extra delicious! My friends sometimes ask me when I'm going to write something serious and to them it could be as serious as a Drama about a pastor having an affair or a gangster chic rising up from the hood-- what they really mean though is when will I abandon my love affair with paranormal. Oh, I'd say about the same time I decide that I hate cupcakes...which would be NEVER. Ever since I began reading, I can remember being fascinated by the others; the beasts in "Where the Wild Things Are," and the mythical beasts and weres in my first book on greek mythology (Edith Wharton's, I think) and have no intention of ever abandoning it.

It's just that now, there's a lot more to consume and a lot more for me to be inspired by!


Sage Whistler said...

Oh, I'd say about the same time I decide that I hate cupcakes...


That is the same way I feel about gay fiction in general. Maybe I'll get more into Het, but I don't ever think I'll have gay fiction out of my blood. If no one writes it anymore(which I doubt will be the case) then I'll write it. That's why I got started after all--never enough stories to read. :D My fam asks me when I'll give the stuff up. I lurve me some m/m reads like a fat kids loves cake ...or shake and bake. hehe

For the record, Paranormal is the shizz and you are as a writer too. Never give up, lady!

Michelle Lauren said...

Hi Mya,

I write paranormal fiction (specifically multicultural urban fantasy), but it's also one of my favorite genres to read -- especially your books! That's why I was so glad to hear there is more coming for Freya and her wolf mates. Please make sure to drop me a line when the book is out and I will definitely pick up a copy.

Michelle Lauren

Mya said...

Not to worry, Michelle, when that second book comes out, I'll be singing about it from the rafters...Still in planning stages at the moment though.

You write urban paranormal too? Awesome! We need more. Going over to look at your site now :D