Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vacations for Writers...

Personally, I wonder how most writers deal with vacations. Well, if you're a full-time writer, you might spend it relaxing right? If you're a part-time writer, the word vacation might seem scary. I mean, for me personally, when given the choice between going on an excursion, going jet skiing, or eating out at a fabulous restuarant, I can't help wanting to just stay inside and write. 7 Days of nothing but scenery, air conditioning and a Carribean view. Still, every time I open up the laptop, I get the look of guilt.

Just think about it, nothing but comfort, time to write and a beautiful view! I'm not saying that I haven't been down to the beach. Hell, I've been on a lot of adventures this week and haven't done nearly the amount of writing that I should have. I'm refreshed...feeling guilty but refreshed.

Can the two ever equal out? Can I take a few days off of work just to do my own writing shall see and can hope.

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