Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kiln People b. David Brin

I know that this cover picture looks big, but the actual book seemed pretty, darn big when I picked it up. It's a thick work, and it took me a bit to get through it. Recommended to me by a co-worker, I was told a few brief details, namely that the story revolves around the concept that in the future, a man can transfer memories and a portion of his soul to clay golems. For example, I could make three copies of myself, send one to work, send one to do the house and yard work and another to go to play all day. At the end of the day (as golems have a 24hour shelf life) my golems would return home to inload their memories back to me.

Now, when I started reading this book, I was a little fuzzy about the details. I got that it was about a detective and a case he was one, but I wasn't really and truly impressed. But, I kept reading and well, this book is brilliant. Really!

It's kind of like Blade Runner, well it reminds me of Blade Runner. It blends the myth of the gumshoe detective with conspiracy and the question of 'what is it that makes a man?' The plot gets not only complex, but action-packed! The philosophy posed about the potential and the breadth of a soul is pretty deep and the science fiction (clay folk creation included) is wild.

If you like sci-fi that makes you think (the AVP book series is not one) then check out this book. I'm almost sad that I didn't get to read and discuss this in school, but then not enough attention is paid to semi-contemporary sci fi in school anyway. Not for the reader who wants instant gratification, but a pretty good book.

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