Monday, July 28, 2008

Arrr...Matey! Treasure? Where...

Plot like a Map or FlySeat O' Da Pants? Damn I wish I could plot out a story. Really. Just sit down at the computer and do a bullet list of the potential story to be from start to finish. Do I? Nope. I just sit down at the computer and pray...seriously. My prayer goes something like this:
Muse, Oh my Muse
Vodka should not be neat
betwix such loose, but dainty fingertips
Spare a moment
Give me verse, just a small rivlet
Bigger ocean may it join
The clock hunts me, while you sit
twirling another olive
come, come, please come.
Ok, it's not totally like that but still, I am on page 268 of a novel that I need to wrap up and I haven't a damn clue how. Proper planning might have helped, but no...I've scrapped about three scenes already and well, I'm starting to sneak in a few extra words on other projects (will not work on yummy werecat story yet...uggh ok, anymore...) Some might say shelve it, put it away and come back to it, but if I have to grab that muse of mine and demand that she show me the ending to this story then I will.
I prepared to be rough >:-(


Sage Whistler said...

Lmao Pick that muse up and shake her, Mya! I know what you mean. I am sooooo struggling to come up with a freaking idea for a next project. Well scratch that...I have a billion ideas and no actual plan. I need plot I TELL YOU! My muse is a like a little kid at the beach. You know the kind that find all those interesting things like shells,rocks, and seed weed and then bring them back to you and say. "Here look! It's pretty and shiny and you know you want it." Then that sucker heads off to find something new while I'm just left there with the damn shell. It's empty. No one is home, and oh, look it's my muse coming this way again!

Mya said...

I grabbed her, shook her, and she threw up on me... ;(