Sunday, July 6, 2008

Subterranean b. James Rollins

Well, this was a referral from a coworker, a tale of action and adventure with a dose of anthropology and conspiracy theory involved. This wasn't a half bad read for something that throws in everything but the kitchen sink, but it wasn't the best of books either and it may leave the reader with more than a few WTF moments. Now I could say that the story was about a plucky, headtrong female who takes her young son down to Antartica to explore a cavern that suggests a lost civilization and deep, dark wonders, but truthfully the story's focus changes to this Australian spelunker with Aboriginal blood.

When I say this tale has everything, it really does. It's like Jurassic Park, combined with The Cave, add a dash of Ewoks, and a misguided villian and poof, you get this book! I almost wish that some one would make this book into a movie because really, once you wade through all of the lost civilation, mystical whodo voodoo and the certain death moments, it's really and entertaining ride with enough monsters to shake a decent stick at. If you just need a page turner with wild thrills and not a whole lot of believability, check this one out!

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