Sunday, June 28, 2009

What? I Can't Write All The Time?

I spend an abnormal about of time at my computer desk and while my kids, Zoe and Cougar can't stand it, (sometimes they even protests) I can get a lot done at my workstation. I can write, play World of Warcraft, shop, watch cable or dvds, listen to my tunes, answer calls, etc.

It's not the healthiest lifestyle, I know and I often tell myself that as soon as x,y,z goals are met that I will get up and away from my workstation and do something more active. I often fail miserably.

This weekend I made it a point to go to a writer's workshop, mainly because Treva Harte, editor and co-owner of Loose-ID, was going to be there. Still, it felt so good to be able to get out, not just to talk about craft, but to get out an participate in something. I will admit that for the most part lately, I have become a bit of a hermit. I used to go clubbing, used to get out and exercise, socialize too...but I don't and writing and gaming are not the only reasons why. They are pretty good exucuses though.

As I finish up my current writing project, one of the things foremost on my things to do, is get more involved in outside ventures, a bookclub and a gym mainly. I have more stories to tell, so I need to be in good shape and fairly healthy to write them. But I can't write all the time.

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