Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Late Balticon Report

Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, as I am writing this report, I am gearing up to go for my last shift in the game room at Balticon. From 1a.m.-9a.m., this has been an intriguing and enlightening experience for me. This being my first Balticon and a convention with a great deal of writer-centric program offerings, I really felt that I got something out of this experience other than credit card receipts. I attended several cool panels, namely “Seducing the Editor,” “Villains in Science Fiction” and “Peddling Smut.” I might have attended more but as it was, I have been wiped out by the late night game room monitoring.

I got to meet some very cool people, namely gay writer J.M. Snyder, Phaze publisher Kathryn Lively and publisher/writer Alessia Brio, all of who gave me great tips and advice. I received several free books, advertisements, cds and yes I received a Bookworm Bag!! Ahh, the promo stuff that I have to go through, the suggestions that I want to follow up on—it’s all so daunting and exciting at the same time. Attending a convention more geared towards writers is such a refreshing jump starter and I am so glad I came. Although, my cats, Zoe and Cougar might be a tad pissy.

While much, much smaller than other cons I have attended, I have to say that I love having a short wait for the elevator, no crowds that make maneuverability in the halls a nightmare and having workshops that do not have to be held in an auditorium. I do have to learn how to pace myself better, especially if I am going to work at night, but other than that, I have had a wonderful time this Memorial weekend. I even purchased the cutest little addition to my office Godzilla and friends’ collection. I also purchased a copy of the hilarious “Zombies versus Ninjas,” the horror-comedy which was premiered at the con. The directors (I think they were) were there and convinced me to give this low-budget gem a look see. They also recommended their podcast Suckcast, both have turned out to be gems.

I definitely plan on attending next year, if only just to see one of my new favorite writers, Tanya Huff!!!

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