Friday, July 3, 2009

"Seven Deadly Wonders" b. Matthew Reilly

Seven Deadly Wonders Seven Deadly Wonders by Matthew Reilly

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Hey...It had to happen at some point right? Me finding a Reilly book just shy of unbearable. Having read at least five of his books and loved them, this book was a bit much. It stars a new hero for me, Jack West Jr. who has a mechanical arm and is Indiana Jones on crack. This book is archeologically heavy, and is basically about the search for a pyramid capstone which could mean either devastation for the world or the empowerment of a nation. It has the crack team of commandos, whose badass qualities are diminished by child-like call names like Pooh Bear and Big Ears...

Something that I usually like- illustrations and diagrams in the text- is used a bit too much and I just didn't get the usual hardcore, grittiness that I tend to get from his work. Another difficulty I had was the fact that through deadly gunfire, difficult missions and even more deadly, ancient traps, the team of commandos is escorting a ten year old girl...Ooookkkkaayy... I want my SHANE SCHOFIELD back...or a story about Black Knight at least.

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