Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slave Boy b. Evangeline Anderson

Its not just the smooth cover, unique size, beautiful artwork and easy to read font that has encouraged me to collect these types of long paperbacks...It's the content. Once a month, sometimes two, I purchase print material from not just my publisher, Loose-Id but from Samhain and Ellora's Cave. Erotica...that's what my collection is about, plain and simple and 'Slave Boy' is just my latest swift, greedy consumable. It took about two days to read, although with the speed I went through it, I could have read it in one.

To say that I wanted more out this tale of an apprentice and his master may be like asking for another brownie on my banana split, but I'm fat so it's okay. While I enjoyed the sci fi setting, and was intrigued by the dilemma that would cause a jedi-like warrior to place himself and his novice into a very kinky/risky situation, I wanted more. With all of the mention of arousals and near-contacts, I ended the book still hungry (see earlier food reference).

Things get resolved though and it is a very entertaining book, but it really needed one more sex scene...Or I'm just that damn greedy...

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