Saturday, November 1, 2008

True Blood Review

One might have thought with the references to ‘Alien Nation’ and the encouragement of a coworker that I might have checked out this show sooner, but with my aversion to the dandy vampires (I prefer the hybrid-monster types), I had not even checked out the advertisements.

It took the recent hint of a werewolf, mentioned by the aforementioned coworker to get my interest in the show. With the Halloween holiday swiftly approaching, I decided to check out the show and see what it had to offer. You know I wanted to make sure that the weres were properly represented ;D

I started Thursday night and finished up on Halloween. Eight episodes of the gifted Sookie, the dashing and brooding Bill, the insane puppy-dog stupidity of Jason, the psycho confrontational Tara, the wicked dark chocolate of Lafayette and the noble but daft, possible werewolf…Sam.

Now what I like about this show is that isn’t just watching Jason sink to new lows, both coital and non, but that it touches on the serious issues of racial rights and tolerance, that it is beautifully shot and that the sex scenes are pretty smoking hot! I like the vampires do show some vulnerability. I absolutely adore Lafayette’s twisted, devilish ways and my gawd did Stellan Skarsgard produce a handsome Viking named Alexander (aka Eric).

The depictions of the south, and mainly of Louisiana are stunning and gorgeous, although why vampires would prefer the hot, swampy, alligator-riddled lands of LA when they could have the cool, solid earth of the north baffles me. I absolutely adore the one Cajun character they have and I have to admit that I crave every volatile interaction between Sam and Tara. Vampire Bill’s backstory was also highly fascinating.

What I don’t like…True Blood does remind me a tad of ‘Alien Nation’ but it reminds me of Anne Rice and “Gone with the Wind’ much more. As a not quite southerner (Maryland is below the Mason-Dixon line, even though most of us don’t think so), I will never understand the fascination with billowing nightgowns. Sookie running through the yard in a night gown to get to Bill…um…okay. Petty I know, but then Tara, despite all her sass, often reminds me of Mamie the concerned maid, who helps bustle gowns and do hair while the mistress ponders her two suitors. Now, outside of my bizarre plantation-film flashbacks, the plucky wunderkind that is Sookie, sometimes irks me. Bubbly and daft one minute, then fiery and determined even in the face of a master vampire, can be a bit much, but then I am not a fan of that type of heroine anyway. So, I would suppose all that I dislike about the show has more to do with me than anything technical or in the prose.

It is a damn, good show and I will admit that I will be checking out the latest episode on Sunday. Perhaps not just to see what goes on with Sookie and Bill though. The signs are there, pretty heavily that there is a werewolf and while the rights of vampires are all well and good, I want to see the werewolf unleashed, transformed and dishing out some pain! Vampire rights…Will there be werewolf rights is the question I want answered!

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