Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Progress and Non-Progress Reports

Most of the time, I am a multi-tasking fiend. I can watch movies, play a video game, chat and write. Sometimes I even eat too. I do it in the classic, multi-tasking ADD fashion, I bounce my attention between three or four tasks. (My editor may kill me if she knows this) But seriously, the more things I have to do at once, makes me happier. I get a rush out of it.

Focus...yeah right. I purposefully watch old action movies and B-movie monster flixs while I work because they don't hold my attention and I can write with the background noise. I can watch 'Transformers' or 'The Hulk' up to three times a day. I like the sound of carnage and occasionally, I look over to see Blackout or Ratchet on the screen.

What I cannot do however, is be productive during riveting, cerebral, engaging programs. I am currently in this small catchup with formerly ignored series mode. I watched all 9 episodes of 'True Blood,' five episodes of 'Sons of Anarchy' and a season and a half of 'Dexter.' Have 3 more episodes of Dexter to get through... Needless to say my word count has suffered a great deal. There is no way I can work while watching such attention-grabbing entertainment.

I want so much to finish the second season tonight, but I had to put my foot down and tell myself that there was work to be done. Currently, I have 43K written on 'The Heart of Bast.' I have 7 more chapters to write and with a personnal goal of completion set for mid-December, I keep telling myself the sooner I catch up on all my shows the sooner I can get back to business. I even put 'The Hulk' back into my dvd player to type this blog entry, but the urge....just one more episode...I need to be more disciplined, but knowing that I have a problem is half the battle, right?


Sage Whistler said...

Who am I to wag a finger, Mya. You know I am eternally distracted. I sat down to write today and promptly fell asleep. I woke up and was like. WTF? When did I pass out?! lol *g*

Mya said...

Hehehe. Can you believe that it is thursday already? This week just flew by... distracted and tired...It's the season though, right?