Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mountains of Mail both Paper and Visual

There is never enough time in the day, whether you have a full time job or no and outside of word count goals, which may or may not be made, there is the other element in an e-published writers life...the mail. Why did I specify 'e-published,' because I seriously doubt that trade and house writers spend as much time on the web.

E-published writers, and I could be wrong, spend a lot of time on the net. We need to. We heavily promote there, we get information and correspond there, but whoa can the mail pile up. List groups are good, but when you have a ton of them and most on digest, more than half of the messages go unlooked at, I can barely decipher one group from the next. There are promos, announcements, events, chat calls, and snark, craft information and other items, some that I can use and some that I can't. There is important publisher correspondence mail like statements and contracts, family joke mail, retail sales mail, bill mail and offer mail, all bunched in together and when I think about the distraction of checking my mail boxes (yes I have 2) every day, I get moody. I should be writing but instead I'm looking at the new pics a friend just sent from Cheeseburger, or I am looking for submission responses or filtering spam, or speed reading through digest lists.

It may sound like I am complaining, but like any junkie, it's meaningless drivel. I can't blame the internet for Writer's Lapses (not blocks), I am just easily distracted and have little self control. So in the event that it seems like I lurk on lists, don't respond to mail, and don't participate in a ton of things, I review a lot but hone in on inbox waits for nothing. Allways filling, allways growing...if only my word count were the same. I wouldn't feel so guilty.

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