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V-The Second Generation b. Kenneth Johnson

V: The Second Generation V: The Second Generation by Kenneth Johnson

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I can’t help wishing that some producer will revamp the V series from my 80s childhood and give the project a renewed life in the same vein as Battlestar Galactica. I mean the idea of those giant saucers hovering over an entire city, the special effects of a Visitor getting his skin torn off to reveal the reptilian glory beneath, but alas…V the Second Generation does provide a wonderful flashback to the past. Yes the resistance is still fighting on, and not very well. For old fans, there are many characters that will be recognized from the mini-series and tv show, but even for those who never saw an episode, they can still enjoy the work.

The fascist, devious, propaganda spewing aliens have the same agenda: to eat our vermin and us, to steal all of our water and …impregnate our women. However the need us for a different reason, to fight their dreaded enemies, another intergalactic race called the Zedti who appear on Earth, to perhaps help us, or not…

While I did not know why Kenneth Johnson changed the idea of mixed-breeds looking human or reptilian instead of both, I liked how he drew a parallel of racism and oppression. Instead of being powerful, telepathic and emphatic superbeings, they are the lowest of the low, dregs.

The Zedti are remarkable, but slightly confusing as they are not just one race but several and yet all seem to have the hive mentality, but they are an interesting addition to the battle. I say interesting but in a film I don’t know how well they would work. While they don’t derive from reptiles, they are an intriguing mix.

Once again, for those looking to revisit an oldie but goodie franchise, this is an entertaining novel. 4 ½ out 5 stars would be my vote.

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