Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Bestial" b. Ray Garton

Bestial (Leisure Fiction) Bestial by Ray Garton

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I had to snatch this book up after reading the prequel "Ravenous," because the first book was gripping, original, hard-core werewolf intensity! Sure, I was feigning for more back story in the first book and wanted to know how it was that the werewolves in the book were so feral and how the werewolves originated. I had soo many questions that I was expecting to have answered in the sequel.

Well, "Bestial" is a different type of book, let me say. It answers some questions I had and introduces even more. There's also some changes. The werewolves have more control over themselves, the sex is less seedy and is instead more raunchy and... bestial. As with the other works by Garton that I have read, there are some tragic deaths and lots of insane happenings. But for folk who like "Ravenous," and I find it to be the better novel, "Bestial" has several main characters, none of whom I cared much for and it's more of an action novel with lots of religious references, rather than the lone-wolf, crazed but charismatic werewolf hunter in the first book. Overall though, it was a good read and not every one is a manic werewolf enthusiast with a hunger for back story. Was it wrong that the most interesting person in the book is the villan...Oh well, I highly await the next Garton monster tale.

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