Friday, March 11, 2016

Writing Schedules and Upcoming Projects

Some writers can tell you what their working on and what the release days for those projects are way in advance and be accurate about it. Me, not so much. I have tried to and been just about the biggest flake in the box, but well I do have a very rough schedule and it goes like this:

* Finish up "The Matriarchy" a short monster piece for submission to an open call.

* Finish up "The Provider" a MM Paranormal novel about a single father trying to make a life for his cubs while getting a little love for himself.

* Keep working on "Night Bites 4: Snake Ma" a 99 cent short about a woman searching for something other than a meal.

* Edit and get ready for submission: "Be My Shadow" a SF Novel about an Intergalactic Soldier and her scheming, possessive prince.

* Keep poking at "Dem Ole Ways" my zombie novella.

* Get outline started for the next and last Guardian book.

While there may be those who think that I have relapsed back into WoW (World of Warcraft)-- I am still sober and working. I still have a touch of the ADHD and all it takes is a juicy open call to throw a wrench into my project plan, the missions are still there and I have been busy (On days when the day job isn't whipping my ass). A version of the above chart is on my note sheet and I am trying to stick to it somewhat.

We shall see though as I am a sucker for distractions.


Jamilla! said...

Okay, looking good! Can't wait ! Snake ma's cover is awesome and the SF sounds boss!!!
Is 'The Provider' that book you had on your website a few years back for free? With the gargoyle? (Loved it btw) If so, is it even slightly different?

Mya said...

Hello there. Yes Provider has gone through a complete change. It will be bigger and better edited before. More wolf x gargoyle goodness and angst on the way. And psst...because you have read the previous version you have the opportunity to get the re-release free :) Thank you for leaving a comment.

Unknown said...
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Nurul said...

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Unknown said...

Yay the last Guardian book! I am sooo looking forward to that when it comes out i will buy it the first day and my Bff and I will have to take the day off work pick up a day and a half of delicious eats and just indulge.
I need to know so many things. will rayne come back like he promised and how will he change, will he be an alpha with his new found power (Freya will want to die lol) and his protective nature. can freya handle Fernis while rayne is away. she better be good, because even his mom has left to be with Geraldine.
Snake ma looks interesting.