Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Production of a Book aka Book Cover Follies

To say the least, finding good stock photos of POCs is not an easy thing to do. The variety is slim and me, well my expectations tend to be weak and low. With the first version of this cover I was awed by the beauty of it. The actual manuscript was soaking so there were certain aspects of it that I did not take into account. (I'm a panser so a lot of details are often blurred and not drilled into my brain until the 3rd or 4th editing pass) It was in the 4th pass that one specific detail really stuck me: The main character, Herra is described as having a dark chocolate skin tone... Did the cover I bought match that? Nope. I went back and forth and back and forth, contemplating if it mattered, would the readers mind and could I live with it? And then there was the thought about me needing a new cover.

Seriously, I spent months worrying over it. Then, I realized something. I am the self publisher of this piece and l am not the type to do many versions of a work. The complete production of each product needs to be at least 85% of perfection in my opinion, because I want to consider it finished (and move onto the next world). Suffice it to say, I went in and ordered a new cover.

Is this what Herra looks like? Damn close! Oh and is that what Arune looks like? Let me tell you Syneca Featherstone nailed the clinging possessiveness of that one to a Tee!

Writing is my greatest hobby. Always was and always will be, but as I step deeper into the self publishing realm I realize that I can't take my willy nilly/ impulsive draft writing stance into the final stages of production. I have a very critical, analytical side and its what I use when editing. It's like putting on a different hat, and well...that's what I need to use more of in the production stages.

Note. I do not say marketing stage, because before others being pleased with the final product, I have to be pleased with it. So that's why there is a new cover for "Be My Shadow."

The Old Cover


Unknown said...

Looks great! I can't wait to read it!!!

Unknown said...

I grabbed this book as soon as it was available. I liked it; the heroine was reminiscent of Freya from the guardian books. Speaking of.....will there be another book in that series? The second book left a lot of things open.