Thursday, February 23, 2012

Epic Fails, Netflix, OCD and Multi-Tasking

Um...yeah the notorious World of Warcraft addiction is somewhat under control now, but the raging Netflix beast has arrived in full force. Luckily I have that nifty Windows 7 thing going on, which allows me to split a screen like a mofo. While I strive to be a more disciplined and studious writer, I find my OCD pushes me toward several tasks rather than one. But then yes, my word count suffers. I make no bones about my love of writing, but if there was a word to describe my state, then it would be scatterbrained. I keep several types of notation devices to remind me of things I should do, can do and would like to do, regular blogging being one of them, but alas distractions occur. There have been a few successes, and well executed plans, such as the promo event and gift basket arrangements for The Romance Studio's Valentine Gala. In 2011 I had three novels come out. I strive to have 3 this year...high hopes? Maybe. Does it help that I'm watching season 3 of "Bones" right now...uggh. Hey, at least it's not WoW-related. My epic, level 85 Human Warrior with bitchan war-axes is on hold, so I must be least until the new expansion drops. Hehehe.

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