Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Suckin' It Up and Pushing Forward

There's nothing like reading reviews of your work to sober a writer up. I said writer, not amateur or aspiring, not good or great or bad...just a writer. I'm an addict, addicted to writing and the process in that all consuming crack-head type way. I long for nothing but words and dreams. Am I always on point? Hell no. My reviews run the gamut. I get some good ones, some ones where readers wonder about my sanity and my capability to plot, some are full of praise and detail and some are short to the point of 'didn't like it.' Does it affect what I do? No. Because I am an addict. I will continue to write and weave stories. I don't know how many times I have been asked, how can I become a writer by folk with good intentions and high hopes. I always tell them two things. 1> Complete your project and 2> Don't obsess over reviews. Don't get me wrong, I listen to a good critique, I live for it, especially when it's detailed, long and thoughtful. I actually love getting rejection letters that are longer than two pages. A one-liner...not so cool though, I take it in...and keep on writing. So, as I return to another one of my self-absorbed yarns, I keep the advice and critiques good and bad, but that horse, that drug of typetypetype has a hold on me...well at least until the editors get a hold of me, but when they don't...the writing must go on and a few drinks helps to make it..Irie.

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