Thursday, May 21, 2009

Balticon and Back in the Day Geekdom...

I actually have the 2nd edition and the 4th edition of the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons Player's Handbook and played for a long time prior to finding World of Warcraft. Gaming in worlds built upon fantasy, has always been a favorite pasttime of mine. Back when I first started hitting cons, I went to a very geeky, but comfortable, friendly and small sci-fi and gaming con called Evecon/Castlecon. Talk about awesome! Getting to meet other geeks like myself, to game in the LAN room, and talk sci-fi was like heaven. It lasted for a few good years, but when it ended I was a bit lost. I had friends working for Katsucon, a japanese anime con with some gaming thrown in and so I decided to work for their staff. While there were some geeky elements, there wasn't nearly enough sci-fi and live action for me and I will admitt that the amount of yipping kids in costumes pretending to be Cloud or Tifa just didn't do it for me. (However the guy dressed as General Grievious kicked ass)

Anyway, I have worked at Katsucon for the past 4 years and all the while, I kept hearing about Balticon. A friend gave me a program last year, and I'll admit that it was the writer's programming that got me first, but the when I saw all the sci fi programs, I was determined to attend! And then I found out that I recognized a lot of the writers attending. Oh yeah, it was a must.

Initially, I figured I would go in writer persona, but nah, the geek in me won out and I ended up accepting a job. So this year, I will be in table top gaming, where I can watch (and play) some of the cool table top games. (Debating about bringing Magic cards) I will have my muse with me and will be doing some brain storming for my next project (hint: Guard) and hope to get a few autographs and books.

Wish me endurance...I allways end up sleep deprived and exhausted by the last day but expect to have a good time.

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