Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Loving Day Blog Hop: Opinions on Interracial Relationships

A staunch supporter of an individual's ability to love whomever they choose, I refuse to dream in one skin, shape or gender. If you have ever read anything of mine (fan fiction included), you should know that skin color is only the first of the thresholds that I will cross in my erotic dreams! Bigotry, xenophobia and racism are all instruments of fear, but even worse, they are a matter of...Well, let me introduce you to today's guests. First we have Freya Daniels, renowned bounty hunter and Alpha wolf and second we have Peter Fitzgerald, a powerful, ice sorcerer. Both are involved in committed interracial relationships.

Mya- Good afternoon to you both. I'd like to thank you for agreeing to this interview regarding interracial love. You both are involved with members of a different race, right?

Freya- (the tall, muscular werewolf has a chocolate complexion, dark brown eyes and thick, dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is wearing a tank, sweatpants and combat boots and is five months pregnant. She smirks, adjusting her wife beater tee over her round, brown belly) Are you fucking kidding me?

Peter-(a pale, blonde with ice blue eyes and curly hair, Peter's stare is a cross between bored and severely menacing) Color not race. Micah and I are both sorcerers, what does skin color matter, or hair, or eye color.

Mya- Well, Freya, Why are you looking at me like that? Both of your mates are Caucasian, correct?

Freya- They're pale. Pink in some places, and pinker in others but they are wolves. We're really from the same race, like the Iceman just said. Wolves come in many colors. It's you guys that have to sweat the details. Red, yellow, pink, blue...Who gives a fuck?

Mya- Well. Peter. Your mate is of African descent? I realize that bonds are made regardless of color but did you ever think that fate had thrown you a curve ball?

Peter- Micah is the most gorgeous creature I've ever met but the biggest hurdle wasn't his color at all, accepting how much I craved another man was.

Mya- So I assume you've had curious stare. Ever had to deal with maybe a racist or homophobic remark or two?

Freya- (laughs) From humans, she means.

Peter- Sometimes. But then sometimes I might freeze an ignorant bastard solid. Shit happens.

Mya- O...Kay. So um, we're all adults here. Do you think that color has anything to do with enhancing or stimulating your passions.

Freya and Peter look at one another as if they aren't sure how much to reveal. Both smile.

Freya- I ain't gonna lie. Rayne's got the cutest pink cock and Fenris, well he's got this deep peach thing going...Visually, it can be a rush. Contrasts and all.

Peter- Indeed. I drown in chocolate every chance I get. Chocolate and fire. Vanilla inside of chocolate...

Freya- (Freya leans over and slaps Peter on the shoulder) Church! Just got this cute little chocolate omega. He has a cute, dark, cocoa ass. Bubblebutt. Rayne terrorizes him. But heh, I've gotta Bun on board. (pats belly)

Peter- (scowls at the physical contact but lightens up Freya fingers a protective rune bracelet) Yes. A berserker or a witch no doubt.

Freya- Hey. Cut the prejudiced shit. Witches and sorcerers should get along. (guffaws)

Peter- I need a drink.

Freya- Don't even play. I could slaughter some Hennessey.

Mya- (wincing) Indeed. Boy or girl?

Freya- Cub

Mya- Well. When your cub is born, do you think that color will be an issue for it?

Freya- Just because I'm brown as the day is long and Bun's dads are light and bright?

Mya- Yeah.

Freya- You do know I am a werewolf and my cub will be too. The cub could be dark brown, high yella, brown, blue black or it could be pale. I don't give a rat's ass and a quarter. It will be mine and I will love it regardless.

Mya- Well, Peter have you and Micah given any thoughts to children?

Peter- I would love to see Micah's children. He has even mentioned it. I would hope that they could wield fire or ice. I am not sure that I could deal with a water sorcerer.

Freya- That whole color thing is a human concept. Now, interspecies....that's a whole other topic.

Peter- (snickers.)

Mya- So in closing. What would you say about interracial/multicultural relationships?

Freya- It ain't for me to say shit about other folks, but there ain't nothing wrong with a swirl here and there.

Peter- I say people should mind their business and stop worrying about what others think.

Mya- Or else, right...(laughs nervously)

Peter- (deadpan) Exactly.

Mya- Well, that concludes this interview. I would like to thank you both for agreeing to this little chat.

Freya-Yeah, whatever. You still owe me for saving your ass from those goblins. There are less volatile fiends to play poker with.

Mya- Um... Yeah, of course. (dreading tonight's Texas Hold'em Tournament)

Peter- And I will expect your silence regarding last week's incident.

Mya- No worries, Peter. Not a peep, I swear! (mumbles beneath breath) So not trying to become a frozen slushie...Anyway, Thank you both!

Well, now that that interview is done, I want to inform you that I will be giving away the Serenity Basket during this blog hop (guarded by my precious Cougar). It contains a hot/cold mug, tea, journal, pens, massage oil, candles, a copy of one of my titles and more! In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment!

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Unknown said...

Wow! I am so happy to have found this site! I think that I need to read these books! After browsing around, I really like all the different boundaries that are crossed and thrown away all over the place! Awesome! I'm so in for all of these so I'm going to be hanging around the blog here for a time snooping here and there, writing a few titles down, favoriting a page or two so that I can make sure I don't miss anything. The interview was excellent and pulled me right in there so now I must know more about these characters, right now!!

Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway and may you have a wonderful day!

Shelly H.

Meghan said...

This is such a great idea for a giveaway hop! IR couples are beautiful and I honestly think they create the most beautiful babies!!
Thanks for the giveaway! I'm gonna keep hopping along!

mestith at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

So loved your character interview... I haven't read any of your books but i am totally in love with your characters due to their responses and snarkiness. I just liked you on FB and I am putting your books in my TBR list :) I was taught love has no color or preference, Love and Let Love :)

Thank you for the chance.

Mya said...

I'd like to thank you lovelies for participating in the Loving Day Blog Hop. I will announce the winner of the gift basket first thing tomorrow, providing the derecho doesn't take out the electricity here :D Enjoy the rest of the authors and enter as many contests as you can :D

cherryce said...

Hello Maya, i did read one of your books and i did enjoy it it was with freya. i will have to look into more of them. thanks for sharing

Belinda G said...

Mya, you are a new author to me and I'm glad to say, happy to have had this opportunity to meet. I love the interview with Freya and Peter...they scared you! :-) I now have to find the books and read them.
It's nice to see authors explore IR relationships in the paranormal/shifter world. It fascinates me.

Thanks for sharing

Belinda G
belgre AT Comcast DOT net

Mya said...

Freya is a cool cat who doesn't mind a good fight, loves to curse and loves her boys. Peter is an ice sorcerer who will cut a mofo if provoked. Thank you all for chiming in :D

Shadow said...

Hi! Great post! Like you, i believe people should love whoever they like. What society or even family thinks, doesnt matter. Your happiness comes first. People in our society put way to much into looks, colors, sexual orientation, etc. People are so simple minded. I love that we are all different. We're unique! And its fantastic! And i can say, when i meet my special someone(s) (hey, im using plural, id take on two men! lol) im not letting anyone get in my way. If they have an opinion, good for them. They are welcome to it, but i dont care and they can go take a flying leap! Thanks for sharing and being apart of such an awesome and amazing hop! I think its fantastic what ya all are doing! And keep the books coming! I love unique books! IR couples are a favorite!

Chynarey said...

Great interview!! Love the "Cougar" guarding the gift basket, lol...
Thanks for the hop...


Tina B said...

I really enjoyed the interview and love how they see the whole race/color thing as a non-issue. :)
Thank you for sharing and for the wonderful giveaway!
trb0917 at gmail dot com

Mya said...

Congrats goes to Belinda G! I will be emailing you shortly to get your details. I just wanted to thank everyone for participating in the Loving Day Hop and look forward to the next event!!