Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st Manuscript of 2010 sent off...

Getting back into writing after a long, not quite therapeutic obsession with World of Warcraft. Yes it is horribly addictive and allows me to forget about my short-comings as a writer, yes I spent more time researching specs and gear rather than editing ( there, I have admitted it) but for 2010 I have set a mildly aggressive goal of 2 Novels and 3 Novellas. This is not counting the free stuff, a novel which will be posted soon.

While I am still playing WoW, I have pre-game goals and word counts and am actively seeking a beta reader. The allure of chatting and slaying fiends in an MMORPG are hard to resist (at least until I reach a gear score of 2700) but I have resolve and a feisty muse.

Will try to have the free novel up soon for those who are interested :D

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